January 17, 2007

My WHOYCBE gift!!

The day I arrived home and saw the package in the door, I was immensely excited! I had a lot of fun preparing my package and I could barely prevent myself from opening it right away. I did open the box and saw more than one item wrapped in pretty foil, so assuming each foil had something in it and I couldn't take them out without seeing everything, I left the box alone. *sigh* (It gave Jon great glee to see me squirm when I looked at the box every day. This is a guy who purposely tells me that he bought me a birthday/xmas present waaaay before he can give it to me just because he knows it drives me batty…jerk.)

The big day finally came…we even went home from work early so I could take the photos in the daylight!

The pretty packages, with a lovely personalized letter (which I didn't even think to do myself…can you tell this was my first year doing it? Yeah..):

The sweets!! Homemade dark, milk and white chocolate bark. Oh. My. God its sooo tasty.

Yummy cinnamon apple pie shower gel/foam bath/shampoo. I used it last night and it is divine! It really is like scrubbing up with apple pie, but sans the stickiness.

Some scrapbook paper in awesome browns, yellows, creams and oranges. I used a piece to do a page last night! Its funny…I love those colours, yet I rarely buy scrapbook papers with them in it. I tend to go for blues, reds…bright primary colours. Go fig...

And the pièce de résistance…the scarf. Hand-knit by the giver using lots of different yarns, some which were hand-dyed by her grandmother!! How cool is that? The colours are stunning…I love the mix. Not to mention that it matches every winter jacket I own (rusty orange parka, light blue knee length with brown faux fur at the hood, black pea coat)! I absolutely love it…

And here it is being modeled by a willing toddler.

Those photos don't do it justice…honestly. Its stunning.

Thank you "mystery giftee"!


Blogger photos&me said...

Very cool project to be part of to say the least!!

Those chocolate Bark piece slook tres yummy!!

17/1/07 14:01  
Blogger Amy said...

All I can say is "Lucky You!!" Everything looks delightful, including that beautiful scarf!!

17/1/07 21:02  
Blogger Sue said...

Nice gifts!!! The scarf is really lovely.

18/1/07 11:34  

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