January 18, 2007

Three years...

In three, all-too-short years, we went from this (sorry for the barely-covered shot):

To this:

You haven't been my baby since Iain came along, but at the same time, you will always be my baby. My first baby. The one who taught me how to be a mom. You teach me more every day, and the things I learn from you shock me.

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. You have become a wonderful, smart, caring little boy before our eyes. You have your moments of course…all kids do. But we never experienced the so called Terrible Twos with you. Just a few moderately stern refusals with your little arms crossed on your chest. Usually whatever it is you’re refusing is forgotten in a minute or two.

You are our independent, serious little man. I get frustrated by your laid-back personality sometimes…especially when we're trying to get out the door in the morning. Apparently three-year-olds don't have schedules and can't be rushed. Who knew? But that is what makes you YOU.

"They" say three is worse than two. Well, bring it on! We'll be ready and we'll try our best to keep up.

Happy birthday my little Cael-bear.

P.S. You know what would be great? If you'd eat something. Your brother is going to overtake you in the weight department soon. Its great that you like healthy things, but you need calories! Lets make your fourth year on this earth the one where you try pizza! And pasta! Deal? Super...


Blogger ccw said...

Happy Birthday!

He is so big. I love the red shoes. This is a beautiful post!

Not-So-Baby H now weighs 27 pounds, so I figure she will be out of her car seat for the start of 2nd grade.

18/1/07 10:44  
Blogger Tanya said...

ccw, that's what he weighed just before christmas, but i fear he's lost a couple of pounds lately. the new d/c situation isn't agreeing with him and he won't eat for her. i'm stressed, to say the least...

if they had the same weight rules re. booster seats back when we were kids, i'd have been in a booster 'til grade 5. how sad...

18/1/07 12:34  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Cael!

18/1/07 13:29  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, Cael!

18/1/07 13:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Man 3 years already!!!

18/1/07 14:00  
Anonymous TT said...

Happy Bday Cael.

Sweet comments from momma there. I can feel your emotions in your words, very well done my friend. :0)

18/1/07 19:12  
Blogger ccw said...

LOL! I won't even guess how old she will be when she can get out of her booster seat.

19/1/07 17:43  
Blogger Amy said...

Happy Birthday Cael!
Beautiful post Tanya! The years go by so fast - enjoy every second of the wonderful threes!!

20/1/07 11:07  

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