February 07, 2007

I'm alive....

(Hmmm…I typed that I was Alice at first…what could THAT mean?)

I did indeed come down with the nasty stomach bug, but the worst of it lasted one day. I was able to go to Toronto for the rest of the week, but I was a bit queasy/dizzy off and on. Had to sit down quite a few times while at the booth. But I made it. My colleague and I did fun touristy stuff in our free time (the basketball game was a BLAST!! So glad I went…), I had a nice break from the kids (at the worst possible time too…they were both feeling crappy and not eating or drinking. Iain almost needed a Children's Hospital trip. Poor Jon…hee hee!) and came back pretty rested despite running around at the conference. Appetite came fully back by the weekend, so all is good.

Anyway, I'm not doing conference follow-up stuff and will come up with a proper post soon. But to sum up the really exciting bits, interesting things are still happening at work, I have a kid with the worst diaper rash I've ever seen from the poops (mostly cleared now thanks to corn starch. Who knew??) and a sick cat who I am having to force feed high calorie/protein food for potentially the next few weeks (I'll elaborate on that…suffice it to say that it was scary). Good times in our house… But at least the kids are eating like horses again. A bit of a relief.

Back at it…stay tuned!!


Blogger Tanya said...

Glad that everyone is back to feeling better and appetites have returned. Nothing scarier than little ones losing appetites as they don't have as much "backup" as some of us adults.
That being said, I'm sure I could lose mine for a month and still have lots of "backup" LOL

8/2/07 14:52  
Anonymous Donna said...

remember the song "alice! alice! who the ---- is Alice?" hee hee! re the diaper rash, someone told me to brown some flour in a pot on the stove (dry - just shake it around until it turns brown) and dust their bums with that after every change. (let it cool first of course!) it was a MIRACLE! i swear, the rash cleared overnight. i don't know how/why but it worked wonders. glad to hear the pukey bug has left your house btw. eeeww!

12/2/07 14:00  

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