January 23, 2007

Bullets for a Tuesday

The sitter's second surgery went this morning. FINALLY. After being postponed a couple of times and full-out cancelled TWICE after she had already been prepped. The kids will be back with her on February 19.

Cael isn't doing terribly well at the temp sitter. He likes her just fine and doesn't complain, but there is *something* in their house that is making him cough. A really nasty, deep bronchial cough. It shows up on Monday, lasts until Wednesday. Repeat for five weeks. Not fun.

He also won't nap there because she tries to get him to lay on the couch or wherever...he really needs to be in a bed by himself. He looks awful...pale with big dark circles under his eyes. And because he's so tired, his appetite is terrible. It scares me to think about how much weight he must have lost. His three year check-up is tomorrow, so I guess we'll see. Oh, and I ended up borrowing a large playpen from their full time sitter and took it to the temp's house. He slept a little yesterday until Iain crapped himself and started yelling.

Big Little Kitten's neuter is on Friday. I SO failed Fostering 101. Wait now, I guess its Fostering 201 since I did pass the first class a few years back with another little tabby. I think I was too cocky this time around.

Big Little Kitten doesn't have a name. His neuter is booked under the name Kitten. BLK seems to be sticking...but its a mouthful. I was tentatively thinking Hamilton (since my CFL team is the
Tiger-Cats, a.k.a. the Tabbies...clever, non? "Oskee wee wee! Oskee wa wa! Holy mackinaw! Tigers eat 'em raw!" ahem...). But it might be nice to find something that incorporates BLK in some way...still thinking about that one.

Can you feel the love? Awwwww....

We are moving offices. Yes, again. Too many people have left and there is no reason for us to be taking up three floors. So we're being squashed onto two. Should be FUN! *she said sarcastically*

I think I alluded to "potential big stuff" happening with me re. work. The short version is that I was offered another job. At first I jumped at it, but then I looked more into the position and waffled. Its very admin...mostly data entry. Not so fun. My current (new since December...long story there) manager stepped in and said that her program will be needing people and she could get me something closer to my field instead. At least it would be out of the admin area. So on her assurance that something would definitely be coming up for me, I turned down the position that was offered initially. More on that as soon as I find out.

I am going to my first work trip next week to Toronto! I'm helping (wo)man a booth at what's being called a Super Conference in a particular field. And apparently we're going to a Raptor's game. Meh...not a huge fan of basketball, but if its sports, I'll watch it!

Is it really terrible that I'm looking forward to being away? I guess it helps that I'll be with someone and not sitting moping in the evenings, thinking about my boys. Tho I'm sure I could have easily filled the time with visiting some friends. Hopefully we can still connect at some point, but I'm not sure when...schedule is tight. :(

Someone take these damn Sour Patch Kids away from me. I bought a bag yesterday and they're almost gone.

We're getting a new car! A 2007 Jetta TDI. We're currently leasing a 2004 of the same and love it. Test drove the new model and love it even more...a lot quieter and handles sooo nice. Clutch seems shorter and the shifter is...different. Don't know how (what do I know about cars...really?), but its different. The dealership offered us a deal if we end the lease early...I guess they're used to people shopping around as their lease ends. We were planning on looking at the Prius and other hybrids, but the fuel efficiency for the diesel is awesome, and like I said, it was a GREAT deal. Many, many extras thrown in. We're waiting for the inspection on the current car (to see how much $$ they can get from us for damage...) and pick-up will be within a week.

I'm really sad about giving up the old car. Hans (yes, its a VW and his name is Hans...so?) has served us well and both kids came home safely in him. I hope his next owner appreciates him.

I found out yesterday that my parents are coming to visit in early March, as my dad will have some time before the house starts sitting again! They are taking the train from Truro to Ottawa, something they have never done. Usually they fly or drive. The cool thing is, our sitter (full time one) is going to Vegas that week and she was going to ask a friend if she would look after the boys so we weren't put out again. Now I won't have to pay a sitter at all! And my mom is thrilled that she'll be able to spoil them the whole week...she was thinking I'd keep them home for a day or two at the most.

Jon and I are on a "diet". He's trying to lose weight and I'm trying to gain. Wish us luck...


Anonymous Donna said...

Wow! Busy times! Can't wait to hear what "new challenges" your manager comes up with. I hope it's good since you turned down the other offer. Have fun with the parents.

24/1/07 08:57  

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