January 29, 2007

Pukefest 2007

Its not as fun as it sounds, trust me on that one…

It started with Cael on Friday. At the sitter's. Who is pregnant. The smell of his puke made her puke. Which made Cael upset…he was fine with the puking until she ran for the bathroom…she says he kept telling her he was sorry. Awwww…. Thank the gods her husband was home to clean him up and give him a quick bath. He hurled three times at home that night and has had no episodes since. No appetite, but in a pretty good mood all weekend. And again, he apologized for making a mess each time he calmly puked…what a sweetie.

Sunday night. I'm tired and ready for bed. Iain starts crying. It’s a...moist cry. We go in, and sure enough he's puked all over his crib and himself. He's in a good mood tho…talking and chatting as we mop up. Put him down again with clean bedding to have him puke again shortly after. He finally stopped the cycle at 2:00 in the morning. At which time I put on laundry because he had hurled all over all of the extra sheets (I gave up on crib sheets…I just wrapped flat bed sheets around the head of the bed with towels underneath as a make-shift pillow) and all of his pajamas. He slept the last part of the night in jogging pants and a shirt. But he slept…a good five hour stretch without puking and he was in a pretty good mood this morning.

This has been my first ever experience with kids puking (unless you count my first babysitting gig when I was 13…THAT was an experience) and I handled it better than I thought I would. I didn't retch and gag while cleaning it up. It was pretty easy actually…scoop up soiled sheets/blankets, change, wipe up and console pukey child, repeat every half hour. Easy! *sigh*

Jon woke up puking today and is home with the kids, so I guess I'm next. Which would be fine except that I have to go to Toronto this week for work. And I have to deal with people. I guess I'll make sure I have hand sanitizer with me. The good news is if I wake up puking one day when I'm there, I can actually stay at the hotel and REST instead of having to run around after munchkins while taking puke breaks. It will be like a little mini-vacation! With puke added at no extra cost...


Anonymous Dawn said...

oh no!! Hope you don't catch it!

31/1/07 23:18  
Blogger Amy said...

sorry to hear about the puke fest! I hope that you are all feeling better and that your trip to Toronto is great!

1/2/07 16:28  
Blogger themikestand said...

Handled marvelously! We had something similar recently, but I dodged the bullet.

2/2/07 12:15  
Blogger ccw said...

eeewww! I'm so sorry. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

5/2/07 08:46  
Blogger suze said...

ugh. i hope everyone is better now.

7/2/07 11:30  

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