March 06, 2007

I've always wanted to invent something...

I have a couple of ideas going around in my head. Who wouldn't want a pretty ceramic (or something…stoneware? Should I get a clay wheel?) pot that neatly fits your container of Philly dip so you don't have to scoop it out into something nicer while entertaining?* Quite useful, I'd think.

But today, which I swear is the coldest day of the winter (yes, in MARCH), I thought of a winner. I was walking from the car to the office, as I do every day. It’s a good 25 minute walk. Fine as long as you're dressed for it. But today is "snot and nose hair freezing" cold. About five minutes in, my nose just couldn't take it anymore so I pulled my scarf up over my nose. I wear glasses. You other spectacle wearers know where I'm going, right? So yeah, my breath caused my glasses to fog up. Normally, I just pull my scarf down a bit and they de-fog. Not today. The condensation FROZE. They're not huge glasses, so I was able to "see" (as well as -8.5 on one side and -4.5 on the other can see…) by looking over the top of the frame. After tripping over a few chunks of ice on the sidwalk, I came to the conclusion that my glasses needed serious de-icing. I tried rubbing with my huge, awkward mitten. Nothing…didn't even make a mark. I finally had to take off my mitten and SCRAPE the frost and ice off my glasses. My fingers instantly turned into useless, numb mini sausages. I managed to scrape enough that I could see (there were even little ridges like you might get if you scrape your car window with your fingernails…), but even after putting my mitts back on, my fingers were cold for the rest of the walk. I've been here for an hour and they're still a little wooden.

So, I have to come up with some sort of device/tool that would allow you to scrape the frost and ice off your glasses without removing the handwarmers. Maybe a mini-squeegee type thing to strap to your mitten that doesn't get in the way when doing normal…mitten things, but flips open if you need it.

I'm working on it…

*If any of you steal that, I might have to kill you. Or at least slap you silly and never buy you a beer again.


Blogger themikestand said...

two thoughts:

1) when you say you can still "see", you're implying you have a slim chance of seeing the fire engine before it runs you down?

2) I hope you invent a defroster that works like a rear defrost of a car. ESPECIALLY with those little black lines running horizontally!

6/3/07 09:55  
Blogger Tanya said...

mike, oh, eyeglass defrosters are a MUCH better idea! complete with black lines. oh must be done.

and yes, by "see", i mean that a sidewalk plow could be coming straight for me and i'd be looking uo to see where the plane was. super...

6/3/07 11:40  
Anonymous Donna said...

Maybe it would be easier to invent some little thing to clip to the bottom of your glasses to divert your breath out from the glasses. sort of like those plastic things you buy to put over heating vents in the floor to divert the heat out from underneath furniture. you know what I mean? The brain freeze I developed this morning - from walk to the bus stop b/c my stupid car wouldn't start and then waiting 20 min b/c I JUST MISSED the previous one - has not worn off.

6/3/07 14:58  
Blogger ccw said...

This would be a useful invention.

However, I really like the cream cheese idea, too. I would also like a dish that could hide the fact that I make already made lasagnas from time to time.

8/3/07 09:20  
Anonymous Amy said...


I'm so with you on the defroster thing - I love the little black line idea! I'm still giggling about you looking up for the plane as the plow comes towards you-I'm glad I'm not the only one! LOL!

13/3/07 18:26  

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