May 24, 2007

What a wonderful day...

Do you ever just get that silly, giddy, happy feeling? You know…you just feel so happy and perky that tears come to your eyes for no apparent reason and you can't stop smiling? That's me today. I have a perma-grin. It hit me while walking to work and I just can't shake it. Its great!!

I guess there are many reasons for it. For one, the weather is STUNNING. It was a perfect walk…warm enough to be out in just a tank top but not blazing hot yet. The lilacs are blooming and there is still some colour on the tulips. So pretty… For another, I finally received my headphone adapter yesterday, so I can listen to music on my mp3 player/phone in STEREO instead of having music in one ear only. So I was strutting to the beat. I also had a most excellent time out on a patio with friends last night. We drank too much, stayed out way too late for such old foggies and had a blast! So I was flying high on that. AND the absolute best reason to be happy…I'm going to the Sens rally today. I've booked the afternoon off and will be taking in the festivities along with potentially thousands of other fans. I'm going to eat a hot dog (or two…) and cheer along with the crowd. And there is a rumour that Don Cherry (DON CHERRY!!!) will be there! It is going to be teh awesome…

I just hope they are handing out rub-on Sens tattoos…that will top off the day perfectly!


Blogger ccw said...

Sounds like a great day!

I hope you have a wonderful time at the rally.

24/5/07 11:16  
Blogger Tanya said...

it was great! stinkin' hot...perfect hockey weather. ;)

some minor changes tho... i had a shawarma, not a hot dog. don cherry wasn't there, and i didn't get rub-on tattoos. but thats ok because it ended earlier than i thought it would so i went shopping! :D

24/5/07 18:16  

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