June 25, 2007

My new toy...

Yes, it has been more than work, Facebook and general family stuff keeping me from blogging. My friends, I have a new toy. Its more exciting than my Moto Q that I got in the spring. And slightly more exciting than the wireless, solar powered weather station that is now installed on our roof.* A couple of weeks ago, I became the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XT SLR camera.

Oh, is it a beautiful thing. So much fun to use, and the crisp photos I've been getting are amazing. I still have much to learn of course. And I'd like to get a better lens than the kit one that came with it (pretty small zoom and not as sturdy as the Sigma one I played with at Henry's camera store...), but I love it. The best part...I feel like a "real" photographer when I use it. You actually have to hold it up to your face to take a photo! Up to your face! I haven't done that in years... Its a bit hefty to take everywhere, but the neck strap makes it kind of easy. And the guy I got it from (eBay rocks...local seller no less) threw in the carry case he bought for it, so we have that too!

Anyway, a few of the shots I've taken:

** The embedded slideshow was messing with my page, so here's the link to it instead...

Sweet! :D

* We are HUGE gadget geeks...is there a recovery program?

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Blogger ccw said...

Those pictures are great!

I cannot get over how big the boys look.

27/6/07 18:44  
Blogger Tanya said...

tks! i'm having fun with it!

they are getting very big...well, not so much big, but mature looking. yeah...

28/6/07 09:27  
Blogger themikestand said...

Sweet! You and I can be DSLR Dummies together! Hope you enjoy it tonnes.

(Also, can't wait until I can actually view the pictures. Damn websense.)

28/6/07 13:05  
Blogger Tanya said...

awesome...let me know if you discover anything really crucial! what do you have?

the slideshow isn't working properly? huh...odd.

29/6/07 15:50  

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