July 17, 2007

Bullets of things I've learned (so far) this summer

- Three year old Caels pee a lot

- Mostly in their pants *

- Almost-Two-Year-Old Iains "talk" at least 10 decibels louder than necessary

- They also get louder and louder if we refuse to give him his soother

- Baby Einstein videos only hold the attention of A-T-Y-O Iains for about five minutes, after which he will want to watch a different one

- The next video will receive the same amount of attention

- A-T-Y-O Iains like to hit and kick

- Retaliating just doesn't work…that is all

- Cameras are fun

- New lenses and filters are even MORE fun!

- You shouldn't put
Soil Moist in small pots with no drainage holes

- Pansies don’t like to be drowned

- A 10 pound cat sheds the equivalent of a grocery bag of fur weekly during the summer

- Starbucks espresso frappucinos are the most wonderful (non-alcoholic) summer beverage ever invented

- Booster juice Mango Hurricane is a close second

- The
Tiger-Cats are so not winning the Grey Cup this year

- I start a new job sometime within the next couple of weeks

- Vacation can't come soon enough

* That is sort of unfair because he has been a "superstar" (his words!) the past couple of weeks. Telling us when he needs to go and everything! Almost time to take him shopping for the Edward engine I promised him...


Anonymous Wendy said...

Is potty training going better this go-round?

Please share any advice for the mom of a 2 2/1 year old who has shown a small interest in wearing underwear.

I'm looking forward to seeing pics with the new camera, new lens, new filter combination!

17/7/07 14:35  
Blogger PeanutButtersMum said...

new lens? biatch!!! ;) seriously, congrats! can't wait to see the outcome!

i'm sorry, but i LOL at the point, "mostly in his pants." at least you can laugh, baby!! :D

iain sounds hilarious. i have to meet the kid. before he's twelve, k? :)

17/7/07 20:34  
Blogger Tanya said...

wendy, it seems to be going well! i think he's finally *getting* it. he did have an accident last nite tho. and to be honest, still no undies. i got sick of having to take my little green to gail's to clean her couch... he's in cloth dipes with no fleece liner, unless we're outside, when i let him pick a pair of undies and remind him that he can't pee on thomas/curious george/diego. ;) when he has the control down, we'll switch back to undies. the only advice i can give is be patient...don't force and step back for a while if you have to. :)

karyn, yep!! :D and what else can i do but laugh, right? i just keep telling myself that he won't be in diapers forever...its the only "baby" part of him left, so i don't mind hanging on to it. ;)

iain is quite the character...oh man. i hope we can have some sort of get-together at some point. would be a blast!

18/7/07 09:09  
Blogger ccw said...

You've learned a lot this summer. I only wish our p@tty training was going as well as yours. She pees great but so far pooping in the potty has happened once. I cannot.wait.for.her.to.get.it! I swear I might climb onto my roof to shout joyous things.

Our 5 cats are shedding machines and they are all short haired. You can watch the fur float through the air when they are all inside.

18/7/07 16:16  
Blogger Amy said...

Too funny! I can't really say I miss those days, but in a way I do. Like you said, it's the only "baby" part left! Wait till he starts asking to pee outside!!

New job huh? Do tell... and I'm so jealous about the camera thing! I still have yet to even get a friggin' digital camera!

My cat is doing the same thing. It's so gross. I need a Swiffer I think.

24/7/07 11:38  

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